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Behavioral segmented promotions

We predict higher conversions & sales for your store & Give you all the power to make it happen.

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Focused promotions

based on individual predictions & dynamic behavioral segment

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targeted promotions

Targeted Promotions

Using Buying Behavior, Seasonality, Discount Sensitivity & More...

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Prognose: Intelligent Growth & Marketing Tool for Retail

Unlimited Dynamic Customer Segments for more focused targeted promotion opportunities for better ROI

Using Prognose, you can create as many different customer segments that update automatically to help you achieve better ROI from each targeted campaign

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Personalized Marketing For Customers

  • Create dynamic customer segments to run marketing campaigns to achieve business objectives
  • Marketing campaign promotions personalized through predictive analytics technology & recommendation engine
  • Gather intelligent insights from customer shopping behavior, marketing campaign promotions & customer engagement
  • Run scheduled & triggered marketing promotions across multiple digital channels
  • Measure marketing campaigns results for every customer segment
  • Identify the potential customers from visitors

Contextual Targeting:

Our advanced customer segmentation creates focused targeting opportunities for better marketing ROI

  • Advanced Micro-Segmentation
    Create target customer segments based on profile attributes, purchase behavior, Seasonality, frugality, RFM Behaviour (Recency, Frequency & Monetary) User friendly interface to manage multiple customer segments
  • Context Sensitive Targeting
    Create customer segments based on context of customer interaction & cart value for effective up-sell & cross sell
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customer segmentation

Slice & Dice customer data to identify various customer segments

  • Create Segments based on Buying Pattern, Onsite Behavior, Seasonality, Discount Sensitivity, Shopping Preferences, Purchase Frequency, Purchase Recency, Browsing Behavior, Average Order Value, etc
  • Onsite behavioral activity offers umpteen segmentation opportunities to engage with specific customer segments

Omni-channel Targeting

Get the power of Omni-Channel Targeting for effective outreach, to generate brand awareness & maximize impact towards sales conversion

Engage Digital Channels

  • Create & run seamless personalized marketing promotions on Email, Mobile App & Onsite
  • Get the power of OmniChannel Personalization dashboard
  • Create consistent marketing promotion & communication across all digital channel
  • Get insights from Dashboard to understand the effectiveness of marketing communications
  • One click reporting to slice & dice consumer reports to get actionable insights
Omni-channel Targeting
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Customer Insights

  • Learn about your customers based on their engagement levels
  • Identify who are your recent customers from the most loyal customers
  • Segregate customers based on their propensity & affinity to your brand
  • Find the churned out customer
  • Distinguish between just a visitor Versus a Customer

Export segments to your mail-chimp or other email service provider

  • Engage with multiple customer segment through efective marketing promotion campaigns
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effective Marketing Promotion Campaigns

Run most effective Marketing Promotion Campaigns

  • Combine Customer segments with product clusters to run promotions smoothly with varying or no discounting

Get Rich insights & Analytics for each targeted promotion:

Segmentation Parameters

Buying Pattern

Based on what customers have purchased

Onsite Behavior

Customers browsing patterns


When do customer buy

Discount Sensitivity

Purchase based on discounting offered

Shopping Preferences

Preferance for a specific product, category or brand

Purchase Frequency

How often do customers purchase

Purchase Recency

Last purchase made

Browsing Behavior

Visitor yet to become a customer

Average Order Value

Based on amount spent

and many more...

Other segmentation parameters

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