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What is personalization widget?

A personalization widget is a basic unit which displays personalized content different for different customer. Single personalization widget corresponds or displays products in dynamic behavioral cluster to show the most accurate product recommendations to each user.

How to use product cluster feature from dashboard ?

You can use the Pre-built product cluster as well as define and create your own product cluster from the dashboard.

How to create a custom product cluster i want to show on my online store?

Our application gives you the choice to define & create a custom product cluster.

Go to Create Your Own Cluster Section where you can create a new cluster by selecting the different parameters such as Seasonality, Frugality, Duration during which products are being purchased,etc. Once you have created a custom product cluster, they will appear on widgets page & can be enabled or disabled as per your requirement

What kind of product cluster are supported?

Products clusters of various kinds such as Similar Products, Similar Products based on browsing, Recommendations for you, More of your choice, etc are available. Check out the full list of Pre-Built Product Cluster below:

  • Similar Products
  • Similar Products Based On Browsing
  • Recommendations Based on Browsing
  • More of Your Choice
  • Products You May Like
  • Recommendations For You
  • Customers Who Bought This, Also Bought
  • Best Sellers Products
  • Top Sellers in Category
  • Trending Products
  • Custom Product Cluster - To define your own recommendations

What kind of analytical insights we provide for your online store about customer , products and shopping behaviour?

Using our marketing dashboard, you can get a 360 degree insights of your online store and customer's shopping behaviour. The dashboard offers you a funnel view of the shopping behaviour which lets you measure the following:

  1. Number of sessions
  2. Number of session with product views
  3. Number of sessions where users have added product to cart
  4. Number of session where checkout & transactions have taken place
  5. Number of cart abandonment
  6. Number of checkout abandonment
  7. Number of events where no shopping & no cart addition has happened
  8. Total Revenue & revenue contribution through different product cluster based recommendations
  9. Total Number of Users & contribution of widgets to users on the store
  10. Total Number of Sessions & contribution of widgets to user sessions
  11. Click Through Rate

Service and Support

Application Activation & Implementation

After signing up with RetailReco, our Technology team & installation experts will do all the heavy lifting towards integration & implementation of our app to your eCommerce store. No hassles! No Developer Needed!

Onboarding and Training

Once we install RetailReco app on your online store, you are assigned a dedicated account manger who will guide you through our application dashboard and help you get up and running so you'll get the most out of our app's features. Whenever new features or product updates are released as we strive to make our application beneficial for your business, we will guide you through the new feature updates in details. Don't worry, we are always available.

Continued Support & Collaboration

Once you have completed your onboarding with RetailReco, you'll have your dedicated account manager who will promptly answer all of your questions about our app & its features and marketing automation via phone or email. We will work with your e-commerce team for email campaigns to help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing Dashboard

Data-Driven Marketing Recommendations

We analyze data to identify problems within your online store such as abandoned carts, email open & click-through rates, sessions and help you to understand the potential opportunities to drive more traffic, sales conversions, and improve revenue. Our marketing dashboard provides you with a comprehensive understanding of where your marketing efforts can be directed in order to achieve the desired business goals and achieve the target KPIs.

ROI, Revenue & Conversions tracking

Our marketing dashboard will showcase various data points such as user traffic, conversions, sessions with product views, sessions with add to cart & checkout and revenue are generated from your email marketing campaigns. Our shopping behaviour funnel, helps you understand the abandoned carts, checkout abandonment ,conversions and much more to give you a 360 Degree view of your online stores performance.

Customer Segment & Custom Segmentation:

Using our advanced customer segmentation tool, you can slice and dice your customer data into various segments as well as with our pre-built customer segments such as Recent Buyers, Frequent Buyers, Premium customers, Frugal Buyers, seasonal buyers, etc.

You can also create your own custom customer segments using our customer segment builder to implement & run highly personalized marketing campaigns to achieve the desired outcomes such as brand recall and call to action towards sales conversion.

Email Marketing with Integration with major email marketing software
Mailchimp Integration

Our application will allow you to integrate with MailChimp. Our app integration helps you to easily send out segmented & personalized email campaigns that can result in an increased ROI along with improved sales conversions.

Our marketing dashboard offers you complete insights about your emails campaigns by ensuring that all the links within email campaigns are trackable.This will help you in understanding how much site traffic is generated from the various email campaigns, also help you in tracking purchase made from email you have send & also helps you to understand which particular customer segments are purchasing , how each email campaign has performed vis-a-vis other marketing efforts & channels.

3rd Party Email Integration

With Prognose and our advanced customer segment builder, you can create various custom segments based on various parameters.

You can export these customer segments to your existing email service provider and can continue to create and send your email campaigns directly from your email service provider.

You can also always use our pre-built customer segments as well as define & create your own custom customer segments in RetailReco's Marketing dashboard to run personalized emails campaigns to maximize customer engagement & in turn get maximum ROI from your marketing efforts.


How will Augen - Onsite Personalization will work for my online store ?

Once Augen app is installed on your online store, our predictive analytics technology will be able to show personalized recommendations across home page, product page, category page, cart page and account page.

How much time will it for integration?

Augen app integration is extremely simple. By following a few installation steps, you can install the app in no time.

Can I decide what kind of recommendations widgets to be shown on my store?

Yes definitely. You can choose from the various different kind of product specific and customer specific recommendations.

What kind of recommendations widgets can i show on my online store?
  • Similar Products
  • Similar Products Based On Browsing
  • Recommendations Based on Browsing
  • More of Your Choice
  • Products You May Like
  • Recommendations For You
  • Customers Who Bought This, Also Bought
  • Best Sellers Products
  • Top Sellers in Category
  • Trending Products
  • Custom Product Cluster - To define your own recommendations

How can i manage the recommendations on my online store?

We will provide you with a marketing dashboard. Using our marketing dashboard, you can enable or disable and add the recommendation widgets of your choice in real time without any developer help.

My online store is already showing Related Products recommendations. Why should i install your app?

Related products being shown on your store are being manually added by your developer which may not be accurate. Augen App uses a Patent Pending Predictive Analytics Technology which can understand the buying behaviour of customers to show customer specific product recommendations.

Who will decide the products which will appear in the recommendation widgets?

The recommendations being shown to user are being generated using RetailReco's Predictive Analytics Technology Algorithms. The patent pending technology can identify similarities between products and customers through Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and other technologies.

Why should I install Augen App on my online store?

As a retailer, you are looking for sales conversions on your store.
For conversions to happen, your online store should be smart enough to show products in which the customer is interested in buying which will increase Click Through Rate & thereby sales conversions.

Is Augen App compatible for my online store?

Augen App is compatible for all the e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, Opencart, Woocommerce, Unicommerce, Cs.Cart, Yahoo Store and all other major platforms.

Getting Started With Augen App

Onsite personalization is achived by placing widgets on different pages of your site.
You can manage the Augen App widgets from the dashboard. Click on Augen & select widget option from the drop down.

augen menu listing

Now you see different pages of your website Home Page, Account Page, Product Page, Cart Page, and Category Page.

augen widget listing page

Now let us add "New Arrivals" and "Your Recent Views" widgets on Home Page. Here we have turned on the two widget types.

augen widget enable desable

In the same manner you can Select & Turn on the widget type you want on all the other pages of your site. Once you have turned on all personalization widget of choice on different pages, Turn on the Enable Button at the top right corner to activate the widgets on your online store.

widget status for pages

You can also Preview how the widgets will appear on your store any time by hitting preview button. This will open up your actual store with chosen widgets visible.

Define you own widgets

Lots of widget are prebuild for you convenience. Most of the stores dont need any more.
If you want to create additional widgets based on different behavioral parameters, you can create them from the cluster section. Click on " Create Product Cluster "

create product cluster

Select the different parameters available from the respective drop downs such as when did customers purchased, total purchase value, etc to define your own product cluster.

save product cluster

Once you have created the new product cluster, it will appear as a widget type in widget management section of respective pages. You can choose to display the product cluster you have created and use it as a part of recommendation

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