Unified Predictive Analytics Solutions & Personalization for eCommerce

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Transform Your Store Into Personalized Interactive Shopping Application

Convert Your Visitors Into Buyers & Buyers Into Loyal Customers

Introducing Personal Interactive Shopping Application (PISA) & Real Time Retargeting (RTR)
with Instant Personal Offers On Mobile & Web.

Multiply conversion ratio and maximize Life Time Customer Value.
Powered by machine learning, semantic search, predictive analytics & natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

Products come and go,
For every customer Unique Blue Print of Relevancy Remains the same.

Personalization for eCommerce Retailers

Historical Data from all sources are analyzed by our cloud servers of MongoDB sharded replica sets. So that from day one you can start using the ultimate power of predictive analytics solutions.

An Omni-Channel personalized world of relevant products is created for every one of your loyal customers.

Potential to
double your sales

Online Sales depends on how quickly a customer can get to the products of relevance.
On mobile, On Site and In Email,
Every customer receives the dynamic coupons for products of Relevancy.

One click on the product and checkout is done.
Customers presented with exactly what they want to buy tend to buy much more.

  Day One

Install the intelligent plug-in. Same day your shop is transformed into personalized world for every loyal customer.

The very next day, You can start using the "Predictive Analytics Solutions" and start sending Omni-Channel personal offers on Mobile, On-Site or Emails.

  The Power Of RetailReco Predictive Analytics Solutions

An approach drastically different from Amazon.

Most accurate predictions for 99% of retailers!!

  • Always in inventory products.
  • New Product Recommendations.
  • Quality predictions even for one of a kind products like jewelry.
  • Patent Pending "Unified Predictive Analytics Solutions & Personalization for eCommerce" technology.
  Predictive Analytics
  • The Ultimate Customer Segmentation
  • Most Flexible Product Clustering
  • Dynamic Individual Coupons,
  • Seamless integration with eCommerce site
  • Seasonal Campaign
  • Discount Sensitive Campaign

Retailers Unlock the true power of Omni-Channel

Predictive Event Based Retargeting Solution

Give your sales a boost By combining the predictive power with the items in cart
or recently viewed reminders.

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